Projects Summary
Project CodeProject Name
361-19-001Analysis and Algorithms for Improvements of Radar Performance and False Alarms.
361-19-002Using Deep Learning on FPGA
361-19-003Modular/ small intelgnt I/O board-1553
361-19-004High Bandwidth Digital Motor Control
361-19-005Implementation of Video Enhancement Pipe-line Based Raw Data
361-19-006Implementing a convolution neural network algorithm on an FPGA board
361-19-007Real-Time antenna beam shaping in wideband PA
361-19-008Classification of aerial Radar targets based on SNR time sequence
361-19-009Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA)
361-19-010Measure sea wave with airborne radar
361-19-011Deep learning for protein-DNA binding
361-19-012Anomaly Detection in SAR Temporal Data
361-19-013Hyperspectral change detection as a function of resolution
361-19-014Agriculture Fields Survey by a Drone with a Hyperspectral Camera
361-19-015Secure Wireless Interface For System Control
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