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Dr. Hadar Ben-YoavDepartment of Biomedical Engineering Electrochemical biosensors, Bioelectronics, Bio-Microelectromechanical Systems (Bio-MEMS), Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidics, Micro-/nano- sensors, Electronic tongue, Chemometrics, Wearable devices, Implantable devices.
Dr. Ronen Berkovich Department of Chemical Engineering 1. Nano-tribology (atomic friction) and mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale (ordered and disordered solids and viscoelastic). 2. Service condition aging in aircraft elastomeric fuel NBR bladders. 3. Single-molecule force spectroscopy, biophysics.
Prof. Anne Bernheim Department of Chemical Engineering Biopolymer gels, active transport, active deforming materials, microfluidics, microreactors, shape deformations, model systems.
Prof. Oren Regev Department of Chemical Engineering Composite materials (polymer and cement) for enhancing mechanical and transport (thermal and electrical conductivity) properties. Hydrogen storage in metals and organic materials. Detectors for neutron radiation
Dr. Daniel GraveDepartment of Materials Engineering Thin film growth, metal-oxides, photoactive and optoelectronic materials, solar fuels
Dr. Mark SchvartzmanDepartment of Materials Engineering
Prof. Eli egayonDepartment of Materials Engineering Additive manufacturing of metals and alloys. Development of Bio-materials.
Prof. Guy MakovDepartment of Materials Engineering Material Physics
Prof. Louisa MeshiDepartment of Materials Engineering electron crystallography; structure solution; structural defects; steels; phase transitions; intermetallics; light-weight alloys
Prof. Nurit Ashkenasy Department of Materials Engineering Bioelectronics
Prof. Roni ShnekDepartment of Materials Engineering Mechanical properties of composite materials and metals, physical metallurgy
Prof. Shmuel HayunDepartment of Materials Engineering Development of advanced materials (ceramics, metals, composites ) for extreme conditions, thermophysical and thermochemistry properties of ceramics and metals, gas-surface interaction
Prof. Yaniv GelbshteinDepartment of Materials Engineering Materials for energy
Prof. Yuval GolanDepartment of Materials Engineering Nanomaterials, thin films
Dr. Arogeti ShaiDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Control Systems, Nonlinear Control with applications to Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Inteligent Transportation Systems, Fault Diagnosis of Complex Engineering systems.
Dr. Atia LiorDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Biophysics and Cellular Biomechanics. Jamming and Unjamming transitions in epithelial cells. Mechanical inhibition of cellular proliferation. We experimentally study multicellular mechanical features of epithelial cells, as they relate to collective cellular migration, wound healing, and cancer invasion.
Dr. Bar-On BennyDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Mechanics of multi-scale composite materials, nano-mechanics, structural mechanics of hard biological tissues, mechanical elements in arthropod cuticle, shape morphing of plant tissues, bio-inspired materials.
Dr. Carmi AvishyDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Estimation and control,  Filtering theory, Information processing in autonomous systems, Complex and multi-agent systems, Natural and unconventional computation.​
Dr. Choukroun DanielDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Stochastic and deterministic optimal control and estimation with application to aerospace systems. Fault-tolerant control, Spacecraft attitude and dynamics, Guidance and navigation of vehicles.
Dr. Feldman YuriDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Computational fluid dynamics, specifically parallel and high performance scientific computing of laminar (DNS) and turbulent (LES, RANS) flows. Immersed boundary method. Fluid-structure interactions. Flow control. Linear stability analysis of confined shear and thermally driven flows. Pressure-velocity coupled CFD. Multigrid approach. Micro-hydrodynamics and lubrication.
Dr. Green YoavDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Fluid Mechanics: Electrokinetics and Nanofluidics. Our groups conducts theoretical modeling, numerical simulations, and experiments 6477772yoavgreen​
Dr. Niv AviDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Micro and nano optics with applications mainly in solar power conversion.
Dr. Oshri OzDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Pattern formation in thin elastic sheets, elasticity of growing bodies, adhesion, continuum mechanics.​​​
Dr. Sayag RoiyDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Fluid mechanics, Non-Newtonian flows, Buoyancy-driven Viscous flows,  Ice-Sheet dynamics
Dr. Shoshani OrielDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Nonlinear dynamics and stochastic analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), Vortex-induced vibration (VIV), Nano and Micro electromechanical systems (N/MEMS).
Dr. Yaakobovitz AssafDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Nano and Micro electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), nano-materials, image processing techniques in experimental mechanics.
Dr. Zarrouk DavidDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Medical robotics, bioinspired robotics, millisystems and rapid prototyping, robot and flexible surface interactions, theoretical kinematics, and under-actuated mechanisms.
Prof. Bortman JacobDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Conditioned Based Maintenance (CBM) and Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), High order finite elements: the hp-version and Fracture mechanics.
Prof. Cederbaum GabrielDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Composite structures, poroelastic structures, viscoelastic structures, stability of structures.
Prof. deBotton GalDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Solid mechanics: nonlinear composites in finite deformations, active polymers, mechanics of soft biological tissues. Vibration analysis and predictive maintenance.
Prof. Kalman HaimDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Two-phase flows, pneumatic conveying systems, characterization of particulate solids, handling of bulk solids.
Prof. Levy AviDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Multiphase phenomena; Multiphase flow; Transport phenomena in multiphase media; Mass, momentum and heat transfer; Transport systems; Pneumatic conveying; Numerical methods; Shock wave interaction with porous, granular and cellular materials; Drying; Development of absorption heat pump
Prof. Mond MichaelDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Plasma physics, fluid mechanics.
Prof. Sadot OrenDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Shock wave in unsteady flows; Shock wave interaction with complex geometry; Turbulent mixing (Kelvin-Helmholtz, Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmeyer-Meskov instabilities); Penetration; Protective structures.
Prof. Segev ReuvenDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Continuum mechanics, robotics, theory of vibrations.
Prof. Shapiro AmirDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Conducting research on motion planning and control of mobile robots.
Prof. Tadmor RafaelDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Forces at the solid-liquid interface; Wetting phenomena, Intermolecular forces; Tribology; Instrumentation in Material science; Marangoni flow; colloidal stabilization and coagulation; Adhesion; Super hydrophobicity.
Prof. Ziskind Gennady Department of Mechanical Engineering Heat transfer, two-phase systems, mechanics of aerosols, adhesion of solids.
Dr. Shmulik Pinkert Department of Structural Engineering • Methane hydrate-bearing soils • Penetration problem in soils • Soil viscosity • Discrete geometrical representation of granular soils • Analytic and empiric geotechnical investigation
Prof. Igal M ShohetDepartment of Structural Engineering Critical Facilities Maintenance, Performance and Operations Management; Critical Infrastructures Risk Analysis, Assessment and Management; Construction Management; Construction Safety.
Dr. Assaf ShmerlingDepartment of Structural Engineering Seismic retrofit of Buildings; Structural Control; Dynamics of Structures
Dr. Igor Shufrin Department of Structural Engineering Computational Mechanics, Hybrid materials and structures, Structural Dynamics
Dr. Michael Tsesarsky Department of Structural Engineering Engineering Earthquake Seismology; Strong Ground Motions; Microbual methods for ground improvement; Engineering Geology
Dr. Pavel Trapper Department of Structural Engineering Multiphysics numerical simulations: (1) Structural analysis involving structures of hard and soft materials, which undergo small/large deformations. (2) Fluid – structure interaction. Computational soil mechanics.
Dr. Ronnie Kamai Department of Structural Engineering seismic hazard analysis, ground motion models, site-response
Dr. Shabtai Isaac Department of Structural Engineering Construction management; Design Management; Building Information Modeling
Prof. Alva Peled Department of Structural Engineering High-performance cement and concrete composite materials, and particularly textile reinforced concrete (TRC) focused on advanced processing, bonding, durability and micro and nano structure of those materials. Development of new advanced building materials with nanomaterials such as graphene and nanotubes as well as alternative building materials as geopolymer and hemp-based concrete.
Prof. David Ornai Department of Structural Engineering Protective structures, Explosion hazards, Protective technologies, Structural stability, Structures resistance to fire, Fracture and cracking of structures
Prof. Erez Gal Department of Structural Engineering
Prof. Isaac A Meir Department of Structural Engineering • Sustainable/green architecture in arid zones with a special focus on energy and other resources conservation. • Energy aspects of skyscraper envelope design in hot, arid climates. • Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ). • Zero Energy Communities. • Integration and uptake of green technologies. • Evolution and adaptation of building technology and types, with a special focus on the vernacular and low-cost/low-tech retrofit. • Proactive contingency planning. • Life Cycle Energy Analysis (LCEA)
Dr. Miriam AmiramDepartment of Biotechnology EngineeringSynthetic biology, protein engineering, protein-based materials, semi-synthetic biomaterials, drug delivery
Dr. Niv PapoDepartment of Biotechnology EngineeringProtein-protein interactions Cancer therapy Amyloids Directed evolution Drug deign Protein engineering
Dr. Rachel LichtensteinDepartment of Biotechnology EngineeringGlycobiology, Neuro-immunology, Developmental biology and stem cells (from glyco point of view).
Prof. Ariel Kushmaro Department of Biotechnology EngineeringBioremediation and environmental microbiology, wastewater treatment, biofilm development and prevention
Prof. Robert MarksDepartment of Biotechnology EngineeringBio-space. Creating biological experiments in space. Studying radiations via bacterial reporter biomonitor microorganisms. Understanding zero gravity in microbial growth and behavior (including Biofilm formation). Hydrogel 3D biomanufacturing in space.
Prof. Dvir Shabaty Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Scheduling, Operations Research, Approximation Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Preventive Maintenance
Dr. Aharon Bar Hillel Department of Industrial Engineering & Management • Modeling and visualization of deep layers activity • Fine grained recognition and pose estimation, with applications in agriculture and robotics • visual object tracking • Efficient inference in deep networks • Inverse problems in Ultra-Sound and CT imaging using deep networks
Dr. Ella SegevDepartment of Industrial Engineering & Management Game Theory: Auctions, Contests, strategic behavior in queues, Microeconomics
Dr. Jonathan RosenblattDepartment of Industrial Engineering & Management Statistics, Machine-Learning, AI. Algorithms for large scale machine learning. Algorithms for anomaly detection. Statistical methdology for medical imaging. Software for data analysis.
Dr. Nimrod Talmon Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Computational Social Choice, Combinatorial Algorithms, Game Theory, Social Networks
Dr. Nir NissimDepartment of Industrial Engineering & Management • Addressing Cyber Security Challenges using Data Science Methods • Advanced Malware Detection • Securing Cloud Computing and Virtual Environments • Security of Medical Devices, Mobile and USB Devices. • Privacy Protection and Violation. • Computational Neuroscience using Temporal Analysis Methods • Analysis of Biomedical Data for Medical Conditions Detection
Dr. Omer LevDepartment of Industrial Engineering & Management Decision making processes Crowd-activities (crowdfunding, crowdsourcing) social networks mechanism design algorithmic game theory
Dr. Yakir Berchenko Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Data-science, statistics, machine learning
prof. Tal Oron-Gilad Department of Industrial Engineering & Management • Human Factors Engineering • decision support systems • human-automation interaction • human robot interaction
Prof. Boaz Lerner Department of Industrial Engineering & Management machine learning graphical models precision medicine
Prof. Gad Rabinowitz Department of Industrial Engineering & Management quality engineering and management, production and logistics operations scheduling, optimal inspection and maintenance policies, risk management in product development projects, production queuing networks, Public service indicators.
Prof. Gilad RavidDepartment of Industrial Engineering & Management Social Networks Analysis Social Networks Sites Social Media Information Systems Organization Information Systems Knowledge Management
Prof. Lior FinkDepartment of Industrial Engineering & Management Mobile device use and decision making, electronic commerce, online privacy, digital experiments
Prof. Sigal Berman Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Intelligent systems, Intelligent system engineering. robotics, human motor control, rehabilitation
Dr. Achiya ElyasafDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngSoftware Engineering, Behavioral Programming, Evolutionary Computation, Evolutionary Algorithms, AI applications for SE
Dr. Armin ShmiloviciDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngArtificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Machine Learning, Operations Research, Video Analytics, Stochastic Modeling
Dr. Assaf ZaritskyDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngComputational cell biology, application of computer vision, machine learning and data science in biological imaging+[@[Areas of interests (English)]]
Dr. Gilad KatzDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngMachine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, recommender systems, information retrieval
Dr. Isana VekslerDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngBioinformatics, comparative genomics, post-transcriptional regulation, microRNAs
Dr. Meirav Taieb-MaimonDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngHuman-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Human Factors, Evaluation of Information Systems, Interfaces and Visual Analytics Systems
Dr. Michael FireDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngData Science, Big Data, Machine Learing, Social Networks, Cyber Security
Dr. Mordehai GuriDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngCyber Security, Operating systems, Air-Gap, Covert-
Dr. Nadav RappoportDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngBig clinical and biomedical data like Electronic Health Records (EHR) and genomic data. Machine learning and its application for imporving health and healthcare.
Dr. Nir GrinbergDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngComputational social science, machine learning, natural language processing, statistics, mixed methods, human-computer interaction
Dr. Oren TsurDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngNatural Language Processing (NLP), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Machine Learning, Computational Social Science (CSS)
Dr. Rami PuzisDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngComplex networks, Cyber security, machine learning in networks, biological networks
Dr. Robert MoskovitchDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngData Science; Temporal Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Cyber Security; Medical Informatics; AI in Medicine
Dr. Roni SternDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngSingle and multi-agent planning, heuristic search, model-based diagnosis, AI for software engineering, learning and planning
Dr. Yossi OrenDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngCyber Security, Implementation Security, Side-Channel Attacks
Prof Yaron WolfsthalDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngCyber Security, Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Ariel FelnerDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngAritifitical Intelligence, Heuristic Search in Artificial Intelligence, Path finding for one or multi agents. Multi-agent Systems
Prof. Arnon SturmDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngSoftware Engineering, Development Processes, Software Repository Analytics, Knowledge Management, Databases
Prof. Asaf ShabtaiDepartment of Software and Information Systems Engcomputer and network security, machine learning, adversarial learning, security awareness, security of IoT and smart mobile devices, social network analysis, security of avionic and operational technologies (OT) systems
Prof. Bracha ShapiraDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngMachine Learning, recommender systems, personalization, Information Retrieval
Prof. Guy ShaniDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngArtificial intelligence, Automated planning, Markov models (MDP, POMDP), Recommender systems, Applied machine learning in agriculture
Prof. Kobi GalDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngData science, machine learning, human centered Artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligence in education, cognitive science
Prof. Lior RokachDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngData Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Recommender Systems, Deep Learning, Artificial intelligence, Medical Informatics, Cyber Security
Prof. Mark LastDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngData Mining, Cross-lingual Text Mining, Cyber Intelligence, Medical Informatics.
Prof. Meir KalechDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngArtifitial Intelligence. Anomaly detection and diagnosis
Prof. Noam TractinskyDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngHuman-Computer Interaction, Effects of interactive technology, User experience (UX) evaluation and design, Data Visualization
Prof. Yuval AloviciDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngCyber Security
Prof. Yuval ShaharDepartment of Software and Information Systems EngMedical Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Temporal Data Mining, Decision Analysis
Dr. Ben-Shimol Yehuda School of Electrical and Computer EngineeringCommunication networks researching various topics in this arena, covering issues from graph theory, communication protocols, queueing theory and models of wireless radio channels of different environmental conditions.
Dr. Brick YanivSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringComputational Electromagnetics
Dr. Cohen AsafSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringInformation Theory and Coding. In particular, network information theory and network coding; Learning; Network security and anomaly detection; Sequential decision making and statistical signal processing.
Dr. Cohen GuySchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringStationary processes Ergodic theory Strong laws of large numbers Harmonic analysis
Dr. Cohen KobiSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineering• Decision theory, game theory and stochastic optimization. • Statistical inference, online learning and multi-agent learning. • Applications in wireless networks, cyber-security, large-scale systems.
Dr. Derevyanko StanislavSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringFibre optics communications Nonlinear beam scattering in random discrete and continuous medium Shannon capacity of the nonlinear communication channels Optical (and not only optical) turbulence Stochastic quantum effects.
Dr. Gilboa NivSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringCyber security, communication network security. Cryptography
Dr. Grinberg ShlomoSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringComputer Vision, Image and Video Compression, Transmission of Video over Wireless Networks, Video rate smoothing and Multiplexing, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Wireless Communication, Communication Processors and DSP, Parallel Processing, Scheduling Algorithms in Communication Networks, Automatic Target Detection and Pattern Recognition.
Dr. Levanony DavidSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringStochastic Adaptive Control;Adaptive Filtering;System Identification;Stability and Performance of Recursive Algorithms; Large Deviations Techniques and Applications.
Dr. Medina MotiSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineering1. Theory of Reliable Hardware Design, and Fault Tolerant Systems. 2. Design and Analysis of Algorithms. 3. Online Algorithms (Packet Routing, Virtual Circuit Routing, Virtual Networks, Software-Defined Networks, Paging). 4. Approximation Algorithms (Network Orientation, Wireless Networks, Packet Routing). 5. Distributed and Centralized Local Algorithms (Network Optimization, Load Balancing, Social Networks, Property Testing).
Dr. Orenstein YaronSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringComputational Biology
Dr. Riklin Raviv TammySchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringAI and ML in medical images
Dr. Routenberg TirzaSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringSignal processing, Optimization, Signal Processing in Smart Grid
Dr. Scalosub GabrielSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringNetwork optimization and resource allocation; Cloud, virtualization, and distributed systems; Router architectures; Hardware security; System and network security
Dr. Shalev GilSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringPhotovoltaics: Numerical and experimental investigation of photovoltaics based on 3D structuring of surfaces with subwavelength features for efficiencies beyond the Shockley-Queisser limit. Bioelectronics: Label-free and specific bio-sensing of protein-protein interactions with nano-sensors based on multiple-gate devices; engineering the biological–material interface with local electric fields.
Dr. Shalish IlanSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringNano-electronics – study of nano-scale semiconductor structures (nano-wires, quantum dots, quantum wells). Semiconductor devices. Optical spectroscopies. Research and development of optical methods for semiconductor device characterization. Semiconductor material physics.
Dr. Shitrit NirSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringMeta-Engineering of Light, Optics and Photonics at the Nanoscale, Structures and Materials by Design, Metamaterials, Metasurfaces, Metadevices
Dr. Shlivinski AmirSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringElectromagnetic radiation (electromagnetism): Waves Theory, Inverse scattering, Spectral Methods
Dr. Todros KobySchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringStatistical signal processing and machine learning with focus on the following topics: Semi-parametric detection and estimation. Adaptive filtering. Uniformly optimal estimation in the non-Bayesian theory. Blind source separation. Biomedical signal processing.
Dr. Vilenchik Dan School of Electrical and Computer EngineeringTheoretical and empirical aspects of Machine Learning, computational statistics and optimization
Dr.karcebski AlinaSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringIntegrated photonics Biosensors
Prof. Abdulhalim IbrahimSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineeringcrystal devices for spectral and polarimetric imaging, smart windows for energy saving, biomedical optics, interference microscopy, plasmonic biosensors, applied nanophotonics
Prof. Arnon ShlomiSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringWireless and satellite communication, Optical wireless communication, Free space optics, Quantum key distribution system, Optical technologies for environmental monitoring, and Quantum technology for medical applications.
Prof. Avin Chen School of Electrical and Computer EngineeringNetwork algorithms, Self-Adjusting Networks, communication networks, social networks analysis, information theory, and game theory.
Prof. Francos Joseph M.School of Electrical and Computer EngineeringImage registration, estimation of object deformations from images, parametric modeling and estimation of 2-D random fields, random fields theory, and texture analysis and synthesis.
Prof. Geva AmirSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringAlgorithms and Computer Systems, Biomedical Signal Processing and System Identification, Pattern Recognition, Fuzzy Clustering, Neural Networks, Wavelets Analysis, Time Series Prediction, Electroencephalography (EEG), Bioelectric Inverse Problem, Source Estimation of Brain Evoked Potentials, Functional Brain Imaging and Modeling, Forecasting Epileptic Seizures, Heart Rate Variability Analysis, Noninvasive Acoustical Detection of Coronary Artery Disease.
Prof. Giladi RanSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringData communication, telecommunication, computers networks and data systems
Prof. Gurewitz OmerSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringDesign optimization and performance evaluation of computer networks. Optimization, Queuing theory and their application to the design and performance evaluation of computer networks. Timing issues in computer networks, specifically clock synchronization and one-way delay measurements. Deterministic and stochastic scheduling. Wireless networking.
Prof. Guterman HugoSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringAGVs, computer architecture, control, image and signal processing, neural networks and fuzzy logic, electrochemical processes, robotics, biomedicine, biotechnology and biosensors.
Prof. Hadar OferSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringImage/Video compression, Image/Video processing, Implementation of Neural Networks in Image/Video compression/processing, Cyber uses in compressed video streaming, Communication protocols for video streaming over Networks.,
Prof. Ishaaya AmielSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringIn general - lasers and nonlinear optical devices. More specifically: high-power fiber lasers, coherence formation in large laser arrays, coherent combining of lasers, novel fiber laser designs, photonic crystal fibers, nonlinear wavelength conversion in fibers and silicon waveguides, light-matter interaction in hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers.
Prof. Kuperman AlonSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringApplied control and energy conversion
Prof. Lewkowicz IzchakSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringStability of Finite Dimensional Dynamical Systems. Matrix Equations. Geometric Structure of Families of Control Systems. Bounds on Singular Values of Matrices.
Prof. Lotker ZviSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringComputer networks, Distributed systems, Mobile and wireless computing.
Prof. Melamed TimorSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringAnalytic methods in electromagnetic propagation, scattering and imaging
Prof. Peretz MorSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringDirector, Center for Power Electronics and Mixed-Signal IC Electronics, VLSI, IC design, energy management
Prof. Permuter HaimSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringInformation theory, Machine Learning, Sequential Prediction, Wireless communication systems, Physical layer security, Cognitive radio, network coding, Channel with side information, Coordination and source coding, Markov decision processes, Optimization, Statistical signal processing
Prof. Rafaely BoazSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringAudio signal processing
Prof. Rosen JosephSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringDigital optics
Prof. Rotman Stanley YisroelSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringMultidimensional image processing
Prof. Sadot DanSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringOptical Communications
Prof. Sarusi GabiSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringQuantum structure infrared photodetector. Infrared to visible upconversion devices. Graphene and CNT based transparent electrodes. Terahertz detector. Waveguides based biosensor. Buried waveguides in Si.
Prof. Schwartz MosheSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringCoding Theory
Prof. Segal MichaelSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringAlgorithmics in Networks
Prof. Shikler RafiSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineeringorganic semiconductors based optoelectronic devices: Fabrication, measurements and modelling, Innovative fabrication methods, inkjet printing, stamping and micro-fluidity
Prof. Sivan YonathanSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringNonlinear optics, Plasmonics, nano-photonics, Meta-materials
Prof. Stern AdrianSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringComputational optical sensing and imaging, AI ready optical sensing, compressive sensing, artificial neural networks, 3D imaging, hyperspectral imaging
Prof. Tabrikian JosephSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringSignal Processing, Performance Bounds for Learning Problems, Radar Signal Processing, Automotive Radar
Prof. Ytshaki YtshakSchool of Electrical and Computer EngineeringImage processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, imaging systems
Adjunct Prof. Zeev PoratUnit of Environmental Engineering Analytical Chemistry. Ultrasonic formation of metal particles. Porous silicon. Electroanalytical chemistry. Environmental analytical chemistry.
Dr. Shimshon LermanUnit of Environmental Engineering Cyber Security, Implementation Security, Side-Channel Attacks
Prof. Asher Brenner Unit of Environmental Engineering Water technologies, wastewater treatment & reuse, industrial wastewater management, stormwater harvesting.
Prof. David KatoshevskiUnit of Environmental Engineering Trapping Nano-Particles Reducing the Exposure to Particles in Work Places (Occupational Safety). Air-Pollution Control Aerosol Modelling Reactive Two-Phase Flows Fuel Sprays Fluid Dynamics / Aerodynamics Medical Aerosols Removal of Secretions from the Respiratory system
Dr. Erez GiladUnit of Nuclear Engineering  6472488 
Dr. Itzhak OrionUnit of Nuclear Engineering
Dr. Lior AraziUnit of Nuclear Engineering