Projects Summary
Project CodeProject Name
361-17-001Augmented reality for blind
361-17-002Developing a Radar Mission Planning System
361-17-003Classification of targets based on radar SNR data
361-17-003Surface hardening of aluminum extrusion dies by plasma nitriding and duplex coating
361-17-004EM Field Around Complex Nanostructures
361-17-005Digital radar channel design
361-17-006Configurable system controller development
361-17-007Ultra wideband pulse generation
361-17-008ADS-B technology research and product development
361-17-009memory processes with an organic thin film transistors
361-17-010Real time underwater object detection and classification using sonar
361-17-011Development and Design of Digital Acoustic Modem
361-17-012Submarine Hardware Design
361-17-013Planning and developing the electronics of a small ROV vehicle
361-17-014Stereo camera point cloud
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