Projects Summary
Project CodeProject Name
361-16-001Autonomous flight and navigation of UAV without GPS
361-16-002Development and Design of Digital Acoustic Modem
361-16-003Autonomous drones flight in urban territory characterized with obstacles and confined flight area
361-16-004System for automatic needle insertion into soft tissue
361-16-005Internet of Things (IoT) communication system
361-16-006V2V communication by light
361-16-007paper thin speaker based on roganic piezoelectric materials
361-16-008optical wireless communication for cube sate formation flying
361-16-009Internet of things
361-16-010wireless monitoring system for pre mature baby
361-16-011Network attacks based on Raspberry Pi
361-16-012Internet of Things 3
361-16-013Internet of Things building blocks
361-16-014touch sensor based on organic piezo electric
361-16-015Under water optical wireless communication
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