Projects Summary
Project CodeProject Name
361-18-001Map Oriented Navigation
361-18-002Planning and developing the electronics of a AUV vehicle
361-18-003Band selection for target detection in hyperspectral data
361-18-004Calibrating a compressive sensing hyperspectral camera
361-18-005Examining change detection methods for hyperspectral data
361-18-006Analyzing the variable spectra of targets
361-18-007Thermal Temporal Target Detection
361-18-008Change detection in hyperspectral images using two dimensional histograms
361-18-009Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
361-18-010A virtual reality system for spatial audio
361-18-011The effect of segmentation on hyperspectral target acquisition using a substitutive model
361-18-012SDN-based Datacenter Protection
361-18-013App to monitor tree cutting down
361-18-014Building a secured private cloud environment
361-18-015Optimal Hardware/Software parttioning in hetrogonus platform
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